Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back for awhile

At the beginning of  August I was in a dreamy state, half awake and half asleep when I came to realize that I was having a conversation with another Being. They were saying that they'd be around for 2 weeks, just to observe the changes that were coming in my life. At first I was upset that I'd be so unaffected by talking to Beings this way to me in my sleepiness. So I was going through some verbal objections in m mind when I fell asleep again. This time awaking understanding on a conscious level who I was talking to.
When I awoke I was still in communication and he put his head through the veil that separates us and kissed me on the wrist. I can still feel how it felt and I was able to see him clearly.
He had green, orange and yellow mottled scales, a round head that went from the eyes to a wide horizontal mouth. His skin texture was very stiff.
I haven't seen a picture on internet that looks the same... he didn't have a nose or any visible holes to breath through on the face.
Maybe like a Gecko with a rounder head,,,,