Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sleep Transmissions

I wake up with a brain feeling full of information,
Symbols, colours, a different language, movement and interaction,
My ears ring with high pitched sounds of computers exchanging information.
I know what I am sending is imperative and the information I receive is lovingly concerned,
A feeling of accelerated learning, increased pressure for the mission,
Will they 'get it'?
No one knows all we can do is watch, prepare and listen.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back for awhile

At the beginning of  August I was in a dreamy state, half awake and half asleep when I came to realize that I was having a conversation with another Being. They were saying that they'd be around for 2 weeks, just to observe the changes that were coming in my life. At first I was upset that I'd be so unaffected by talking to Beings this way to me in my sleepiness. So I was going through some verbal objections in m mind when I fell asleep again. This time awaking understanding on a conscious level who I was talking to.
When I awoke I was still in communication and he put his head through the veil that separates us and kissed me on the wrist. I can still feel how it felt and I was able to see him clearly.
He had green, orange and yellow mottled scales, a round head that went from the eyes to a wide horizontal mouth. His skin texture was very stiff.
I haven't seen a picture on internet that looks the same... he didn't have a nose or any visible holes to breath through on the face.
Maybe like a Gecko with a rounder head,,,,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well it's been a long time...

Since they've taken me in the daytime. I've woken up at night with the visual signs of geometric patterns burned into my sight as if you've been staring at a lit up sign for too long and the static sounds in my ears and numbness in the forehead. It's actually been quite quiet and I thought that my time was over with them but this morning was really unusual.

I was on my way to a memorial with some dear friends. I spoke on the phone getting directions straight., fed the cats. Then went upstairs to get ready and have a shower. I remember sitting on the side of the bed and then waking up, in bed, covered up, 3 hours later. ???

I had been having really bad and confusing dreams of our city being destroyed. I was trying to get in touch with my friends to see if they were okay. I was in someones basement and a few people that are dead were there as if they were still alive. It was night in the dream and finally it was daytime and we ventured out to see what condition the city was in. It was raining and buildings were partially blown apart, also many buildings were in fire. The fire department was over whelmed and so many places were just burning out.
We foraged for some breakfast in a mini mall that was partially demolished and were st very happy to still be alive.

I wonder if there were any sightings around last night or even tonight?
I'll have to ask around and see..

anyone else have any experiences?