Thursday, August 12, 2010

My flights in dreamland

Wow it's been a long time since I've had one of these experiences during the nighttime but then again I haven't been meditating like I need to until recently. It's kind of a two sided thing. If I don't meditate I get really intense dreams that are disjointed and not connected. I have a hard time deciphering, understanding what they mean.... with such, strong dreams, I feel the need to understand them. I also get lots of deja-vue.
Then when I meditate the dreams unfold as out of body experiences and they are much more insightful and dramatic then I ever would have imagined. They also then start taking me on a learning curve... I posted on face book awhile back that I felt like a guru sitting on top of a mountain meditating. Well I guess 'they' heard and thought that they'd swoop me off of the mountain and take me for a ride:)

I was dreaming about being with a group of people that I had known for a long time. They all seemed to be advanced in different areas of study such as; mechanics, administration, the managing of people I guess you might say sociology, psychology, even the arts. Their energies were very clean. I mean they didn't seem to be pulled down by negative type attachments to the ego or our material world.

At the beginning I was just living with them in the same house. I felt honoured and humbled to be in their presence so I took up residence in the basement of this very busy house. The basement became flooded and so I was able to move up to the first floor. (I know that this all has very symbolic meanings spiritually speaking. The basement being the lower chakras and the water/flooding meaning the subconscious overcomes and I grow spiritually. Their basement was actually caving in and they had to support it.. meaning to me that they work from the upper chakras.)

There was celebrating going on, many preparations. They were expecting family, friends and friends of friends that were to become new all round friends. (as if someone from the group had to introduce you into the fold. They felt it was safer that way) I wanted to be a part of this. There was a definite need for wanting to belong to this group of Beings and a sacredness of not bothering those who didn't want to belong. I remember looking out the window in our world and seeing so many people that were caught up in the material world of the earth who would never want to belong to this and that was okay too.

The celebration started happening and I really enjoyed being there. They were trying to coax me into communicating with them, sharing my thoughts and who I was but every time I tried to talk the words barely whispered out of me. They said not to worry because I was getting used to the atmosphere and as I became more comfortable I would 'get my breath back'. We were all getting to know each other. As I started looking around at all of the people coming and going for the celebration I enjoyed that there were people from all ages, social groups, ethnic races and many with physical disabilities, all being taken care of and helped to feel welcome and comfortable.
At one point someone had a recording of myself talking about my alien interactions and views of contact. They seemed to want me to take responsibility for my words and I wanted to but again I couldn't speak. I tried to write, 'IT IS ME' but it looked like chicken scratches.
After some time I needed to go home. I felt 'spent' after trying to communicate so much. I asked if I could get a ride :)

We got into a nice window van and started driving. It looked like we were in the middle of no wheres ville but the roads still turned into dirt roads as we drove along. The next thing I new there was a panic about being detected! we drove up to what looked like a rock outcropping but if you looked very closely or maybe with the 'right' eyes/senses you could see a rectangular craft sticking out of the rock. The Beings that I was with jumped into it through a square shaft that went into the ship. I couldn't figure out how I would fit or do that but there was what looked like an opening where I could get in, that turned out to be a passenger seat, near the out side of the craft. I was a little upset because I wasn't sure if this actually was a seat or if it was safe. I didn't see anyway else of getting home (I also thought my friends would tell me to move if it wasn't where I was supposed to be) so I just sat in it and took hold of the hand grips at each side, my legs went into holders under the seat. I heard a swooshing noise and a clear rounded cover went over the front of the space, there was a limited dashboard in front. The hand grips went down and I was scared they were going to hurt my hands but they just made my grip secure and locked in, my legs were bent each in a space locked in underneath me and I was thinking, 'omg my legs are going to go to sleep! I can't move at all!' There was something on the side of my head too but I could look around and move my neck somewhat.

Then it was like I went into a half, very relaxed sleep. I could hear the Beings talking to me from the other part of the ship. They were amused by me because I guess they could hear my thoughts:) The craft powered up they sounded like our electrical but add in a vibrational power too, and although I knew the 'engines' were powerful and loud on one level, they didn't bother me like our earth aircraft. We took off quite easily and I could see us leaving where we were.

They were still on alert because of being 'detected' and took the craft into what I will call a hyper drive as they say on TV because thats what it felt like. I went unconscious when they did that and woke up when they geared it down and my head banged on the dash in front of me. I remember complaining about banging my head forward and they again thought that was amusing and said, 'Thats what the pad is for in front of you, aim for it!' We did this three times until they thought we were 'safe'.

The last thing I remember about coming home was seeing us coming to land over an area of water. It looked like we had come in over a large lake and there was a port with cement docking in front of us and beside us, big ships and larger yachts. I didn't recognize where we were but the atmosphere felt more like home too.

I can remember feeling more relaxed because I knew I was home until my son knocked on my bedroom door saying it's time to get up! Even then he had to call me a few times to get me to wake up and stay awake! :)

That happened last night and if anyone had any similar experiences please let me know publicly or privately. There were many people in that house and maybe I can find someone through internet! Wouldn't that be fun!! :)