Sunday, August 2, 2009

Revisiting! and Hello

I just wanted to say Hello to anyone visiting to read about my experiences. This blog is more about what has happened to me in the past then what is happening now in my life.

I still am aware of being in contact. I do go through episodes of having strange electronic problems that are also associated with ringing in my ears or a beeping/pulsing in my ears. My psychic friends have given me readings to try and figure some of these things out and they say that it's like a upload and sometimes a download of information. I guess I'm still exchanging informaiton with them about what it is like being human and they in turn are helping me cope with the difficulties I have here on earth.

I remember one of these times driving in my car, where there were many electrical devises for the energy to mess with. My ears had been ringing / beeping for a week or so and I was getting tired of it. Then as I was driving the car radio started to beep just as my ears had bee doing. I thought that's strange and kind of laughed about it. The beeping on the radio got louder... and louder. I tried to turn it down but the dial wasn't working... it just got louder. I thought it was going to wreak the speakers. So I pulled off in a panic, parked to turn it down and it started to screach. I finally turned the car off but still it was screeching. I took the keys out, got out of the car (it was hurting my ears) and the sound slowly faded out.
Made sure the stereo was off, turned the car on again and the radio was dead for about 2 days after that. Then it worked as normal.

Other things would react the same way. The cable box being one. It occasionally cuts the sound and then goes into this beeping that gets louder and louder. I just turn this off or if that doesn't stop it... I then have to pull the plug from the wall and the cable cord. This doens't last for more then a day.

I remember once when my younger son was about 13. We were driving in the Van and the radio started changing stations on it's own. My son jumped and almost looked like he was going for the door handle when I started to laugh.... make light of it. So he would calm down. It was really nice having another person in the Van to witness this I can tell you! It always ended up on a countryand western station. I don't really like that kind of music myself. So I thought that was funny too. Sometimes I get frustrated about these strange things that happen and so I called up a repair place and asked what might cause this in a digital radio. He said that he couldn't think of anything. If it was an older one then he could see it but not a newer one. HE said that's really strange! lol

Other things that I can think of now are 'brown outs' where just my apartment or my block will have power problems. Lights going out like they are broken and then coming back on, light bulbs popping with flash and a bang.

Right now I'm going through health issues. I remember us doing a health pole on an active abductee/contactee group a few years ago and finding that most of us had CFS or fibromyalgia . Chronic conditions. The women had many reproductive issues and had hysterectomies due to complications just as I have had.

For the most part 'things' have settled down and I'm able to reflect and settle into a fairly 'normal' life.

Relationships can be tough. In every relationship that I have had the reptilians and grays have visited my partner. I feel to 'check them out'. In one instance the reptilians healed my boyfriend from a taste for alcohol with a 'handshake' when he was half asleep in an altered state...but he said the experience was very real. He wasn't afraid of them but understood they were warriors and accepted him as one also. Then after a few more months he went of meat and to this day is still a vegetarian... happily so.

With every man I date and get close to I can see entergenic changes in them. (They also relate to me how they feel different, in a good way and I tell them it's the psychic energy at first, especially if they are not 'alien information' friendly. It also happens to friends that I get close to. So I tend to be careful of whom I'm friends with! Some people can't handle it at all.

What I really feel compelled to do is help others who may be going through abduction related issues or help the general population to understand us and our belief systems having been through the experiences that we have. It's life changing and after 20 years of having digested the reality of it in my life. I have come to some different understandings of the world as we know it then others who haven't had the experiences.