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This man had similar experiences to mine :)

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Chem Trails

www.americanchronic = SOURCE OF FOLLOWING:
A Doctor Speaks Out About Chemtrails,Victoria Hardy - March 3, 2007
FOUR Ongoing Projects in our atmosphere-
"The FIRST project is an effort to block the rays of the sun from
hitting the earth including the ultra violet radiation that will come
through without an adequate layer of ozone in the upper regions above
the earth. This, it is hoped, will lower temperature on the surface
of the earth and block ultra violet radiation from causing skin
cancer in humans. The aerosol is probably aluminum oxide or a
compound that would have similar properties."
"The SECOND and most secretive project is the United States Navy's,
RFMP, Radio Frequency Mission Planner, military program." the aerosol
sets up an electrical and chemical environment that supports RF
ducting for the RFMP / VTRPE warfare system. Fibers with barium may
support ducting."- mixture of barium salt aerosol

"The THIRD project also utilizes the mixture of barium salts in the
atmosphere. Weather control is a project of the U.S. Air Force and
utilizes Nikola Tesla concepts of radio frequency radiation (HAARP)
against the ionosphere above the earth.
Fragile life support systems in our environment are being
manipulated, tested and altered by government for military advantage
" Perfected weather control technology will enable a military to
withhold rain, cause floods, cause drought, cause storms, withhold
sunshine, damage food crops, and bring any country to its knees
without firing a shot."
"The FOURTH project in the atmosphere is the DARPA, Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency, biological detection and decontamination
"The programs are secret because the Federal EPA and State
Environmental Quality Agencies need to "not know" about what the by-
products of the metabolites of biological, illegal and harmful agents
are. It's for that reason the project has been declared secret from
the citizens of the countries." - "It is believed that barium salt,
polymer fibers and other chemicals, in the atmosphere are the
physical irritants that are either directly or indirectly
responsible, for the recent epidemic increase in cases of nose bleed,
asthma, allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory symptoms and a
noticeable increase in arthritis symptoms, recently reported
nationwide. - The soluble salts of barium, an earth metal, are toxic
in mammalian systems. They are absorbed rapidly from the
gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the muscles, lungs, and
Chemicals illegally sprayed into the atmosphere are producing
atmospheric and ground conditions detrimental to human and animal
health but favorable to the growth of harmful molds and fungus
Dr. McKay can be reached at this email address:
articleID=19189 -
January 16, 2007 -
articleID=19750 -
January 26, 2007- Got Strange Clouds? - HAARP
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Chemtrails and Spirituality - February 6, 2007 - CEMTRAIL PHOTOS -EXCELLENT PICS/ARTICLE-

meteorologist Scott Stevens at WeatherWars. info - - GREAT!

t Contrails/Weather Modification
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Aerosol Attack com/watch? v=lBjDSNWiuKQ

Stop Spraying Us com/watch? v=o2BgGlpBVew

Chemtrail Activist com/watch? v=9Xcf84CFEKQ

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