Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We All Are One

Written in 1991: Recall, Experience.

We are all One

After the changes on earth, assisted by the Aliens and Living with the Aliens on Earth.

The room was busy there didn't seem to be a shortage of people in need or distress. Chloe was busy behind her big old wooden desk. She tried to keep the office looking as pre change as she could. She kept bringing plants in to hang and put on desks. Plants were very strong in this density and had many natural healing powers. You didn't have to ingest them, you just had to be in their energy and you would have the same results in sharing the energy not taking it from one thing to be given to another. It also made her patients feel much more comfortable with familiar surroundings.
She chuckled at the thought of herself as being Retro. I don't think this is exactly what they had in mind with that phrase. But she still dressed in her jeans and natural fibered clothes. I guess even the so called adjusted ones still had some problems letting go of how it used to be. Many were going in for the new materials that were being manufactured daily, with the new alien technology. She treasured her old clothes and bought them from second hand shops. Nothing was being made anymore that would disturb the earth's ecology. So you could not buy new jeans. The earth had to recover just like the earth's population was trying to do. No more destruction of any sort just healing and rebuilding.

With any rebirth there is pain and the outcome is always worth it. What she did love are these new computers. All she had to do was tune into them and they would print out her thoughts. Each computer was attuned to the user. No more typing, no more spoken words just pure thought. Every thought, feeling came out with precise accuracy. When dealing with counseling and healing people it was a golden tool, to have. You just had to be careful not to daydream while the machine is on or it would record everything. A colleague of hers did this when they first came out and was a little bit embarrassed about what was on the screen when her director passed by.

With the ascension into the higher vibration we were all trying to get used to the lack of privacy. For many of us all we have to do is initiate, think of the other person and we know how they are doing. What they are feeling in general terms like being happy or sad. The receiver also knows that you are thinking of them and most initiators were startled when someone answered back. We were like children trying to get used to using a new toy or play a new instrument, with the heightened awareness. But because we all feel that we are one now, it's always based on love for the other person and ourselves. Our love flows out unconditionally for each other now. There is not one creation that we are not a part of now and responsible for. Of course it has always been this way but until one can understand and experience this it's too easy to explain away or ignore. That's the way we on earth used to be. Most of us are still learning what we are capable of and some like Chloe's patients are fighting it all the way. They simply were not ready for the changes. They didn't reject in the new thought but they were simply not sure and now are very afraid. They see this as a personal attack on themselves. They feel it as a loss of identity, a loss of ego, but in reality it is instead is a coming together of everything that is alive, anything that is made up of the energy of the creator. Once you can tap into this energy and know that you are a part of this energy than you can understand it. You become a co-creator and have the ability to manipulate it. Chloe knows this and has to be careful because she has the gift of being able to manipulate the energy or atoms in anything. The gift frightened her when she first became aware of it. If it's not used properly it can destroy the form of the energy. In other words she could take your arm and change it and if she didn't know how to put it back the right way. You would forever be changed that way. It was given to her one night as she was living as her higher self in her dreams, through her constant contact with the aliens before they became known on earth.

In her dream state she was living a life in another dimension. Some of the changes crossed into her living reality but she didn't have the skills yet developed to use them to her fullest extent. She was living with others as everyone was connected. Sometimes you didn't know where you began and the other person left off. It was during this time that the Star people were harvesting eggs from her and her higher density level family were being given life to. Many of the children did not survive some only lived for a short while but there was one girl, Jenny that lived many years. Chloe visited her many times aboard ships that stayed near the earth for the children sake. As the aliens who were here to teach us and learn about us at the same time found out, that the human side of these children needed the love of their parents. They were filled with emotion which the aliens had a hard time understanding as they had restricted their emotions over many years.

One hope that they did have was that by working with our race they would be able to lift us up to a higher density and we would be able to help them find the things they left along the way. We would be able to help them rediscover their own feelings. They didn't value them until they started their own raise in density and found that their experience at that level was lacking without them.

Chloe's office was still being set up and they were still being taught by the aliens who communicated with them from their home planets now with telepathy. On how to help people adjust. The one thing that remained the same about our human race was that they all had to believe that they could be healed. If they didn't take an active role in their own healing process, then no one could help them. That would mean that they would pass over to a lower density life to try again. We didn't want to lose anyone to the lower density, we know now that there was no death, energy never dies. It just changes form. But just by their being in this reality they were growing and going back would be a step backwards. They all knew this in their soul and if we could help them adjust they would have that knowledge.

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