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Jenny and the Visit to the Ship

Jenny and the Visit to the Ship

Experience/Compassion Contact:

The night air was freezing. Chloe's hands were beginning to freeze to her icy gloves, as she climbed her way up to the top of the mountain. She had been called from her sleep to have contact with an Alien craft but for reasons that she didn't realize yet. They were making it very hard for her and the others to get to the craft. This felt very unusual and everyone was trying to talk to each other as they made the treacherous climb. Some had given up and were stuck on the side of the mountain.

She met one man who was out of breath and just could not go on. He took off his heavier leather gloves and gave them to her.
He said, "Go on! You can make it! I'll just wait here until they take me home" and smiled. "Say Hello to the children for me. I'll see them next time"
Chloe leaves her icy gloves behind and puts on the mans leathery ones with newer interest.
The children, so that's what this is all about.
Chloe's feeling exhausted at this point, still does not know if she can make it to the next few feet to the top of the mountain. Where the black craft was waiting but she is going to give it everything she's got.

Finally getting near enough to get a glimpse of the craft, this one looked different than she remembered. This one was much bigger and instead of the triangular shape, this one was rounder but it was hard to tell because of the bad weather conditions. As she crawled her way up she could see sort of a hatch hole opened on the bottom of the craft. There was a light beaming down from it and she could see people being lifted up into it. It was hovering kind of precariously at the mountain peak, it rose up and down and people were having trouble trying to get up and into the hatch, she could see. Some people fell out and others scrambled to help them. One larger man got in and started to pull everyone up that seemed to be working really well as Chloe got there. Finally she reached up into the hatch and another persons arm met hers and pulled her up into the craft.
A large burley man stood there helping her balance herself and moving her from the opening as she stared with amazement. They really all were humans.
They were all human parents of the hybrid children that were living onboard this large craft. This was a special time and the human parents were being allowed to come on board to spend some time with their children.

2006 Narrative:

At this point I'm sad to say that this part of the original story was lost due to a computer virus several years ago. It does give me a chance to write from my current recall and to show you how the abduction experiences have integrated themselves into my life and thinking. [These experiences you never do totally forget]
I'm much more settled now and able to talk about what happened to me with other abductees. I do prefer the term abductee over experiencer. I'm still not open to share my experiences with the world or I would not be sharing these anonymously but just sharing these experiences, is a start.

And with that said, on to our true star children;

I felt really bad for the parents who could not make the trip up the mountain that night but the Mother Ship, and I don't mean to jest, as it was in all sense of the word. The Ship was very valuable. It had onboard all of our precious children that had lived. That had been born through all of our human pain and fears, through the Reptilians coercions, lies and embarrassments to their own young people. To give hope to a race of Aliens that I am sure now are genetically our brothers or possibly a branch of our human selves in a 'future' human civilization. So in fact we may be even helping ourselves.

We were all told to move away from the hatch area because the ship had been spotted by the Americans and they were on their way with jets to check us out. That could not happen and so we had to close the hatch, leaving parents behind and zoom off to where the larger ship would safe. I guess ships such as this one rarely come down so close to earth and that's why this event is seen as a 'special' event. As our interests change to where we are instead of where we had just come from.
We start walking towards a hallway ramp type area where a very human girl meets us with a techi clipboard; she had a whistle to get our attention and was very organized. She was wearing a jumpsuit, with an insignia on one side at the shoulder area. I can remember it now as outlined in gold, triangular with blue, pink and yellow on the inside, it's hazy but it was colorful in comparison to the more muted colours. She was full of emotions, very nice, happy we were there and we felt very welcome and well accommodated.

I'm going to call her our Organizer took us to a dorm area. There was one ramp for the entire area, that I could see, that was sectioned off into these dorm areas. There were many of these areas each suitable for about 6 people. We each had a locker, bed. We shared a shower, food area and sitting area. They didn't make any distinction as to men and women we were all mixed up. Some people, I could hear grumbling and complaining so they just changed areas, that wasn't a problem. I'm happy my job as being a helper in this case was over. I just stayed put. I didn't want to get lost. That was a big ship and I wanted them to know where I was! I was worried about time. It looked like we were going to be here for awhile but anytime anyone asked we were told not to worry it would be taken care of. So we all just went along with it. At this point we were more curious than anything and yes we were having a good time, finally. We were asked to clean up, there were jump suits in our lockers, have some food, get some rest.

Our Organizer said "Tomorrows going to be a big day! The children are very excited to see you!"
I think we all felt embarrassed knowing what we all had been through but we all settled down, watched some TV, talked it was very 'human'. They had gone to great lengths to make everything in this area of the ship look 'earthy'. The next morning the lights went on. We were asked to get up. Our clothes were all clean and pressed in our lockers. So we got dressed and went to the ramp. Our Organizer was standing on the ramp way with a group of little children of all ages. I didn't know which child was mine.

At this point I didn't know that any of the little fetuses that I saw had survived at all. The only hints through my life that I had was a vision I once had of Mary and when Mary told me that she would always watch over my children. She showed me three little children, I only have two. The other hint was many dreams of a little girl with long brown, curly brown hair during that time of the abductions.

The Organizer blew her whistle and all of the children came charging down the ramp. They knew who their parents were! And running into my arms came this very healthy but small, two year old little brown eyed girl, all dressed up in a red velvet dress. I looked at her and we were hugging each other and she said, "Mommy, I'm so happy you're here. I missed you."
I said, "What do they call you?"
She said, "Oh never mind that. You! Have to give me my real! name."
And so I named her Jenny.
After that I don't remember her really leaving my arms. I looked around at some of the other parents and children and it was obvious at the way that they were talking that they had been together and here before. From there we had a tour of their facilities. I'm sorry but I don't remember.
We went to school with our children for a 'day' I can remember being in one class. There was a screen with little benches in front of it. The children sat on the benches. Time works differently in space or with the Aliens anyway. Jenny mentally was far beyond what a scientist would be here on earth. It was amazing what her class was learning and she was so proud. They were learning that everything, multi dimensionally, universally <>
I don't remember much more about that encounter. I do know that I didn't have any missing time. I did feel 'spacey' and out of touch with the world for a few days after that. I felt very happy and had a connection to the joy of Jenny.

I only have one other recall memory of Jenny and that was in 2005. She was of the age of the Organizer. She was all grown up. Still that happy bubbly soul I remember. Jenny had chosen to stay on board the Mother ship to look after the babies because she understood how much emotional understanding and nurturing they needed. I felt proud because it's a very prestigious position to be looking after the hybrid babies directly. The last vision I had of her was of Jenny standing with her own clip board, in her jumpsuit, proudly smiling among her little baby charges all swaddled beautifully in little bassinettes. Just like you would see at one of our hospitals all beautifully cared for and as my view panned out I saw that the view of babies in bassinettes never ended. I had a very good feeling that for all of our sacrifices made. We the abductees/experiencers have saved a race of beings.

Narrative 2006:

Back to physical reality, do I believe that I really have an alien daughter? I can't say for sure. I can tell you that I believe that these experiences that I had were real. I believe that she does exist on some plane of existence. I hope that some day we can all meet our Star children in the physical because on that day then we will know, for sure, that they are real and the rest of the world will know this too. I think that's the best we can hope for. I know that she is in my heart.

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