Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Golden Orb

The New Beginning Out of Body Experience:


Narrative 2007:

After being online I went to bed but wanted to meditate first. I immediately had this vision. Being concerned about it the next day I emailed the details to an email list I was on to ask others what they might think. This was on 1998-03-02.
I found myself in the middle of a mountain. It looked like it at one time had been a military installation or possibly it had been made by the military for this purpose for the aliens to use it

The following is taken from the email message:
I walked into an observation room. It looked like it had been cut out of the side of a mountain with a large rectangular protective window at the front. It seemed that at one time it would have been a U.S. military area but it had been abandoned and there were only a few citizens there. But these Citizens knew how to run all of the equipment. The man at the controls told me to 'Watch this!' He was very excited about what he was doing.

I'm not sure if it came down from the sky, up from the earth or just moved into our reality but there was a giant, golden sphere hovering over the desert area in front of us. It had squarish patterns embossed on it __--__ it hovered there for a few seconds. I felt afraid but the man said not to be and he was smiling. Just then it went slowly down towards the earth and started humming. The humming got louder until it reached a critical point and it looked like the sphere exploded but the sphere rose back into the air and was still in one piece... You know the clouds of dust that you see when there is a nuclear explosion? Well the same sort of clouds started to form but they were purple, a very spiritual purple, then turning to the sparkly white. It was like this orb generated all of this energy and then sent it out blasting, blanketing the earth.

From what I can understand it was purification, it would not hurt people but cause great change. I did have some worries as to what might happen to people that were not pure of heart; I felt that they might be hurt. That the pure of heart, the innocent would accept the energy and revel in it but those who are closed and full of fear would try and reject it. Thus causing themselves harm in the process and tearing their energy apart.

The Sphere the energy was not from earth. It was alien in nature. My impression was that it is something that the earth and we as humans have to go through. If there is or if there is going to be alien intervention it would be to get us ready for this process. So that human lives will be saved and as many as possible will be able to accept it and not reject it within themselves.


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High Strangeness Altoona said...

Sounds like a fantastic experience. What an interesting world we live in eh?

Chloe TimeWalker said...

Yes you certainly said it altoona. Interesting times we do live in.

I'm just grateful that I have come out the other end of the experiences with my sanity. I know that others have such a hard time with their experiences, because I do council other people very confidentialy.
I help them and they also help me knowing that both ways we're not alone in our experiences.
So I would have to say a qualified fantastic.
Many days I have thought it would be nice just to look around at the world and 'know' that what I see around me IS what there is.
Thanks for visiting and comments
it's appreciated :)