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The Golden Orb

The New Beginning Out of Body Experience:


Narrative 2007:

After being online I went to bed but wanted to meditate first. I immediately had this vision. Being concerned about it the next day I emailed the details to an email list I was on to ask others what they might think. This was on 1998-03-02.
I found myself in the middle of a mountain. It looked like it at one time had been a military installation or possibly it had been made by the military for this purpose for the aliens to use it

The following is taken from the email message:
I walked into an observation room. It looked like it had been cut out of the side of a mountain with a large rectangular protective window at the front. It seemed that at one time it would have been a U.S. military area but it had been abandoned and there were only a few citizens there. But these Citizens knew how to run all of the equipment. The man at the controls told me to 'Watch this!' He was very excited about what he was doing.

I'm not sure if it came down from the sky, up from the earth or just moved into our reality but there was a giant, golden sphere hovering over the desert area in front of us. It had squarish patterns embossed on it __--__ it hovered there for a few seconds. I felt afraid but the man said not to be and he was smiling. Just then it went slowly down towards the earth and started humming. The humming got louder until it reached a critical point and it looked like the sphere exploded but the sphere rose back into the air and was still in one piece... You know the clouds of dust that you see when there is a nuclear explosion? Well the same sort of clouds started to form but they were purple, a very spiritual purple, then turning to the sparkly white. It was like this orb generated all of this energy and then sent it out blasting, blanketing the earth.

From what I can understand it was purification, it would not hurt people but cause great change. I did have some worries as to what might happen to people that were not pure of heart; I felt that they might be hurt. That the pure of heart, the innocent would accept the energy and revel in it but those who are closed and full of fear would try and reject it. Thus causing themselves harm in the process and tearing their energy apart.

The Sphere the energy was not from earth. It was alien in nature. My impression was that it is something that the earth and we as humans have to go through. If there is or if there is going to be alien intervention it would be to get us ready for this process. So that human lives will be saved and as many as possible will be able to accept it and not reject it within themselves.

We All Are One

Written in 1991: Recall, Experience.

We are all One

After the changes on earth, assisted by the Aliens and Living with the Aliens on Earth.

The room was busy there didn't seem to be a shortage of people in need or distress. Chloe was busy behind her big old wooden desk. She tried to keep the office looking as pre change as she could. She kept bringing plants in to hang and put on desks. Plants were very strong in this density and had many natural healing powers. You didn't have to ingest them, you just had to be in their energy and you would have the same results in sharing the energy not taking it from one thing to be given to another. It also made her patients feel much more comfortable with familiar surroundings.
She chuckled at the thought of herself as being Retro. I don't think this is exactly what they had in mind with that phrase. But she still dressed in her jeans and natural fibered clothes. I guess even the so called adjusted ones still had some problems letting go of how it used to be. Many were going in for the new materials that were being manufactured daily, with the new alien technology. She treasured her old clothes and bought them from second hand shops. Nothing was being made anymore that would disturb the earth's ecology. So you could not buy new jeans. The earth had to recover just like the earth's population was trying to do. No more destruction of any sort just healing and rebuilding.

With any rebirth there is pain and the outcome is always worth it. What she did love are these new computers. All she had to do was tune into them and they would print out her thoughts. Each computer was attuned to the user. No more typing, no more spoken words just pure thought. Every thought, feeling came out with precise accuracy. When dealing with counseling and healing people it was a golden tool, to have. You just had to be careful not to daydream while the machine is on or it would record everything. A colleague of hers did this when they first came out and was a little bit embarrassed about what was on the screen when her director passed by.

With the ascension into the higher vibration we were all trying to get used to the lack of privacy. For many of us all we have to do is initiate, think of the other person and we know how they are doing. What they are feeling in general terms like being happy or sad. The receiver also knows that you are thinking of them and most initiators were startled when someone answered back. We were like children trying to get used to using a new toy or play a new instrument, with the heightened awareness. But because we all feel that we are one now, it's always based on love for the other person and ourselves. Our love flows out unconditionally for each other now. There is not one creation that we are not a part of now and responsible for. Of course it has always been this way but until one can understand and experience this it's too easy to explain away or ignore. That's the way we on earth used to be. Most of us are still learning what we are capable of and some like Chloe's patients are fighting it all the way. They simply were not ready for the changes. They didn't reject in the new thought but they were simply not sure and now are very afraid. They see this as a personal attack on themselves. They feel it as a loss of identity, a loss of ego, but in reality it is instead is a coming together of everything that is alive, anything that is made up of the energy of the creator. Once you can tap into this energy and know that you are a part of this energy than you can understand it. You become a co-creator and have the ability to manipulate it. Chloe knows this and has to be careful because she has the gift of being able to manipulate the energy or atoms in anything. The gift frightened her when she first became aware of it. If it's not used properly it can destroy the form of the energy. In other words she could take your arm and change it and if she didn't know how to put it back the right way. You would forever be changed that way. It was given to her one night as she was living as her higher self in her dreams, through her constant contact with the aliens before they became known on earth.

In her dream state she was living a life in another dimension. Some of the changes crossed into her living reality but she didn't have the skills yet developed to use them to her fullest extent. She was living with others as everyone was connected. Sometimes you didn't know where you began and the other person left off. It was during this time that the Star people were harvesting eggs from her and her higher density level family were being given life to. Many of the children did not survive some only lived for a short while but there was one girl, Jenny that lived many years. Chloe visited her many times aboard ships that stayed near the earth for the children sake. As the aliens who were here to teach us and learn about us at the same time found out, that the human side of these children needed the love of their parents. They were filled with emotion which the aliens had a hard time understanding as they had restricted their emotions over many years.

One hope that they did have was that by working with our race they would be able to lift us up to a higher density and we would be able to help them find the things they left along the way. We would be able to help them rediscover their own feelings. They didn't value them until they started their own raise in density and found that their experience at that level was lacking without them.

Chloe's office was still being set up and they were still being taught by the aliens who communicated with them from their home planets now with telepathy. On how to help people adjust. The one thing that remained the same about our human race was that they all had to believe that they could be healed. If they didn't take an active role in their own healing process, then no one could help them. That would mean that they would pass over to a lower density life to try again. We didn't want to lose anyone to the lower density, we know now that there was no death, energy never dies. It just changes form. But just by their being in this reality they were growing and going back would be a step backwards. They all knew this in their soul and if we could help them adjust they would have that knowledge.

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Jenny and the Visit to the Ship

Jenny and the Visit to the Ship

Experience/Compassion Contact:

The night air was freezing. Chloe's hands were beginning to freeze to her icy gloves, as she climbed her way up to the top of the mountain. She had been called from her sleep to have contact with an Alien craft but for reasons that she didn't realize yet. They were making it very hard for her and the others to get to the craft. This felt very unusual and everyone was trying to talk to each other as they made the treacherous climb. Some had given up and were stuck on the side of the mountain.

She met one man who was out of breath and just could not go on. He took off his heavier leather gloves and gave them to her.
He said, "Go on! You can make it! I'll just wait here until they take me home" and smiled. "Say Hello to the children for me. I'll see them next time"
Chloe leaves her icy gloves behind and puts on the mans leathery ones with newer interest.
The children, so that's what this is all about.
Chloe's feeling exhausted at this point, still does not know if she can make it to the next few feet to the top of the mountain. Where the black craft was waiting but she is going to give it everything she's got.

Finally getting near enough to get a glimpse of the craft, this one looked different than she remembered. This one was much bigger and instead of the triangular shape, this one was rounder but it was hard to tell because of the bad weather conditions. As she crawled her way up she could see sort of a hatch hole opened on the bottom of the craft. There was a light beaming down from it and she could see people being lifted up into it. It was hovering kind of precariously at the mountain peak, it rose up and down and people were having trouble trying to get up and into the hatch, she could see. Some people fell out and others scrambled to help them. One larger man got in and started to pull everyone up that seemed to be working really well as Chloe got there. Finally she reached up into the hatch and another persons arm met hers and pulled her up into the craft.
A large burley man stood there helping her balance herself and moving her from the opening as she stared with amazement. They really all were humans.
They were all human parents of the hybrid children that were living onboard this large craft. This was a special time and the human parents were being allowed to come on board to spend some time with their children.

2006 Narrative:

At this point I'm sad to say that this part of the original story was lost due to a computer virus several years ago. It does give me a chance to write from my current recall and to show you how the abduction experiences have integrated themselves into my life and thinking. [These experiences you never do totally forget]
I'm much more settled now and able to talk about what happened to me with other abductees. I do prefer the term abductee over experiencer. I'm still not open to share my experiences with the world or I would not be sharing these anonymously but just sharing these experiences, is a start.

And with that said, on to our true star children;

I felt really bad for the parents who could not make the trip up the mountain that night but the Mother Ship, and I don't mean to jest, as it was in all sense of the word. The Ship was very valuable. It had onboard all of our precious children that had lived. That had been born through all of our human pain and fears, through the Reptilians coercions, lies and embarrassments to their own young people. To give hope to a race of Aliens that I am sure now are genetically our brothers or possibly a branch of our human selves in a 'future' human civilization. So in fact we may be even helping ourselves.

We were all told to move away from the hatch area because the ship had been spotted by the Americans and they were on their way with jets to check us out. That could not happen and so we had to close the hatch, leaving parents behind and zoom off to where the larger ship would safe. I guess ships such as this one rarely come down so close to earth and that's why this event is seen as a 'special' event. As our interests change to where we are instead of where we had just come from.
We start walking towards a hallway ramp type area where a very human girl meets us with a techi clipboard; she had a whistle to get our attention and was very organized. She was wearing a jumpsuit, with an insignia on one side at the shoulder area. I can remember it now as outlined in gold, triangular with blue, pink and yellow on the inside, it's hazy but it was colorful in comparison to the more muted colours. She was full of emotions, very nice, happy we were there and we felt very welcome and well accommodated.

I'm going to call her our Organizer took us to a dorm area. There was one ramp for the entire area, that I could see, that was sectioned off into these dorm areas. There were many of these areas each suitable for about 6 people. We each had a locker, bed. We shared a shower, food area and sitting area. They didn't make any distinction as to men and women we were all mixed up. Some people, I could hear grumbling and complaining so they just changed areas, that wasn't a problem. I'm happy my job as being a helper in this case was over. I just stayed put. I didn't want to get lost. That was a big ship and I wanted them to know where I was! I was worried about time. It looked like we were going to be here for awhile but anytime anyone asked we were told not to worry it would be taken care of. So we all just went along with it. At this point we were more curious than anything and yes we were having a good time, finally. We were asked to clean up, there were jump suits in our lockers, have some food, get some rest.

Our Organizer said "Tomorrows going to be a big day! The children are very excited to see you!"
I think we all felt embarrassed knowing what we all had been through but we all settled down, watched some TV, talked it was very 'human'. They had gone to great lengths to make everything in this area of the ship look 'earthy'. The next morning the lights went on. We were asked to get up. Our clothes were all clean and pressed in our lockers. So we got dressed and went to the ramp. Our Organizer was standing on the ramp way with a group of little children of all ages. I didn't know which child was mine.

At this point I didn't know that any of the little fetuses that I saw had survived at all. The only hints through my life that I had was a vision I once had of Mary and when Mary told me that she would always watch over my children. She showed me three little children, I only have two. The other hint was many dreams of a little girl with long brown, curly brown hair during that time of the abductions.

The Organizer blew her whistle and all of the children came charging down the ramp. They knew who their parents were! And running into my arms came this very healthy but small, two year old little brown eyed girl, all dressed up in a red velvet dress. I looked at her and we were hugging each other and she said, "Mommy, I'm so happy you're here. I missed you."
I said, "What do they call you?"
She said, "Oh never mind that. You! Have to give me my real! name."
And so I named her Jenny.
After that I don't remember her really leaving my arms. I looked around at some of the other parents and children and it was obvious at the way that they were talking that they had been together and here before. From there we had a tour of their facilities. I'm sorry but I don't remember.
We went to school with our children for a 'day' I can remember being in one class. There was a screen with little benches in front of it. The children sat on the benches. Time works differently in space or with the Aliens anyway. Jenny mentally was far beyond what a scientist would be here on earth. It was amazing what her class was learning and she was so proud. They were learning that everything, multi dimensionally, universally <>
I don't remember much more about that encounter. I do know that I didn't have any missing time. I did feel 'spacey' and out of touch with the world for a few days after that. I felt very happy and had a connection to the joy of Jenny.

I only have one other recall memory of Jenny and that was in 2005. She was of the age of the Organizer. She was all grown up. Still that happy bubbly soul I remember. Jenny had chosen to stay on board the Mother ship to look after the babies because she understood how much emotional understanding and nurturing they needed. I felt proud because it's a very prestigious position to be looking after the hybrid babies directly. The last vision I had of her was of Jenny standing with her own clip board, in her jumpsuit, proudly smiling among her little baby charges all swaddled beautifully in little bassinettes. Just like you would see at one of our hospitals all beautifully cared for and as my view panned out I saw that the view of babies in bassinettes never ended. I had a very good feeling that for all of our sacrifices made. We the abductees/experiencers have saved a race of beings.

Narrative 2006:

Back to physical reality, do I believe that I really have an alien daughter? I can't say for sure. I can tell you that I believe that these experiences that I had were real. I believe that she does exist on some plane of existence. I hope that some day we can all meet our Star children in the physical because on that day then we will know, for sure, that they are real and the rest of the world will know this too. I think that's the best we can hope for. I know that she is in my heart.

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#3 The Changing World

The Changing World,
Matter Manipulation 101

Chloe sat on the couch in her living room sipping coffee. It was early in the morning. Jim had left for work and she had a little bit of time before the children had to get up for school. The news was always so bad these days. Wars and rumours of wars, false prophets as the bible say. The earth seemed to be rocking on her axis, floods, storms, tornado's, fires and droughts. Chloe had experienced an earth quake for first time that she could remember in her life at home. This winter had felt like fall, for as long as she can remember the weather worked like clockwork in the area that she lived. But not this year the weather had felt like fall all winter long. The change was nice although she had no idea how it would effect the crops this year. Chloe and her family lived in a fruit belt and she wondered if the farmers would be in trouble this year. The last few years had been hard on them with the ice storms.

It seemed that every time you turned on the TV there was a new disease or an epidemic. People were passing over in mass numbers. She had read at one time that as we neared the end times that many would take their leave of this earth because they didn't want to be here when the changes came. Everyone was getting freaked out about the new Millennium some people think the world is going to end. Chloe in trying to understand her dreams had started to study New Age thought, which she found was not new at all but ancient. It was spirituality from many religions described in a new way so that we might understand better. She had also started to meditate, mainly to help alleviate the stress that she was under.

She saw every day that things that were beautiful and graceful were becoming more so and that the things of negative energy of power and corruption were getting stronger pulled the other way. She felt a need to take a stand for the light, even though most of her friends and the people she knew seemed to be floating along as if nothing was different. They could not see the mass changes going on around them. When they did they did focus and look, they were filled with fear and turned away to the structured comfort of their every day world, once more. In Chloe's world Earth's dire future was in her heart and mind awake and asleep. Chloe wondered if they had the same dreams, although they frightened her so much in the beginning. She was beginning to see that Earth does have a chance and that gave her a sense of comfort that everything was going to be okay. Chloe wasn't even afraid of death anymore after having had two near death experiences in life. She knew life went on.


In the next few weeks just as the earth whirled in the strains of rebirth, made her final decision to leave Jim. She packed up her children and herself and moved in with her father who lived on a little farm in the North. Her father was retired but raised chickens for the sheer pleasure of it and sold the eggs for a little pocket money. It was a quiet life with little distractions which appealed to Chloe very much at this time. The people of the town were different then most folks. Chloe found that as the earth changes continued on people of like mind would band together to give each other support. This little community that she lived in was no different than that, simple people that were spiritual seekers or Lightworkers. Most of them had out of body, near death, alien contact or alien abduction experiences. All of them were living in half a dream or higher states of consciousness at this time. The two realities that Chloe had been experiencing had slowly been meshing together. So when the call came in it was of no surprise.

The phone rang, Chloe answered. It was a call from the others of the light that the aliens were asking everyone to come to a meeting. The family got all excited and started to spread the word around, to people they knew. The meeting place was to be in a baseball field of a local park. Chloe and her family waited in anticipation to see just how many would arrive for the meeting. Some who have connections to her community had been contacted by phone. Others who lived far away were being lead there by intuitive thought. They opened up the farm to those traveling in from long distances. These people were so kind and friendly. Everyone knew how to work together because they were all tuned into each other.

All sorts of people trickled into town, some they know from other times, and some were newer and a little afraid. Some didn't even know why they had been urged to come there until they arrived and had everything explained to them. The crowd at Chloe's farm waited and shared stories of experiences and their expectations of the night to come. Some spoke in French and others in English but everyone understood what the other was saying as they were all connected on a soul level and language was no longer a problem. The higher vibration level was affecting them even more and they were all quite thrilled at how it felt. There finally gathered 150 people. They all gathered in the late evening in the late evening at a baseball field, all standing in a giant circle. Everyone held hands tight and looked to the skies.

The craft was huge and humming it came on top of them like a cloud. The soft white light came down and encompassed all of them. It felt warm and soft. Some of them felt the need to go in the middle of the circle of people. Chloe did. Those on the middle had a rainbow of colours swirling around them. Lifting them off of the ground and putting them back down gently. They were all euphoric. They all collapsed onto the ground when the colours stopped but they were alright. Chloe lay on the ground feeling wonderful. She felt the old hurts fading away, she felt elated and full of unconditional love, fully accepted and wanted. She didn't want this feeling to ever end. She had a vision of her Mother who had passed over some years before. Her Mother was telling her things, giving her advice. She showed her a heart that looked like a valentine, with writing on it. Chloe tried hard but she could not understand. Her Mother became frustrated and wiped the letters off of the heart and then faded away.

The next thing that Chloe knew she was back at the farm. People had been up all night. No one could sleep; everyone was vibrating with energy and enthusiasm. Some were having a party dancing and laughing. Others were being quieter in discussions but everyone was sharing in some way.

Chloe phased out and found herself sitting on the floor in the bathroom. She wondered if she hadn't been feeling very well after the events of the night and someone had lead her into the bathroom. She couldn't remember. She started to draw with her finger on the floor. To her astonishment her finger went right through the floor. Her fingers could cut right through the ceramic tile on the floor, like butter. She dug a hole with her hand through the concrete slab and into the dirt.
She thought "Wow! This is amazing!"
She went into the shower stall and tried on the tiled walls. Again, fingers went straight through and she pulled the wall down. She tried the ceiling breaking through the drywall, tiles and finally into the pipes that ripped apart and water started to fall from the ceiling. She them realized that she was destroying the place and screamed for help. A woman came in and shut off the water and cleaned it up. She told Chloe to show the others what was happening to her.

With this ability came wisdom that Chloe could only show this to certain people. She could tell when they were affected too. So she showed them how to do it. Starting on something soft like the back of a vinyl chair that was stuffed, then drywall. You had to tune into and match the vibration or the feeling of the chair or your fingers wouldn't go through anything. She had to be careful or she would get lost in the feeling and get carried away. She was demonstrating and joking and ripped apart the top of a woman's dress on her back and she continued onto her shoulder ripping the woman's skin apart before Chloe noticed. The woman was laughing because it doesn't hurt when it's happening. But the after affects are the same as any surgery or wound.

Chloe wasn't sure what or why she had been given this ability. She found it to be quite a curious thing but knew that the value of this learning was in knowing how to tune into another person's or objects vibration. The ability was to become 'One' with another, like they were experiencing this weekend. They all figured out that they were being given a small glimpse of how it would be when the earth changes had been fully realized. When we all are aware of our own energies, vibration and then able to tune into others, therefore being able to communicate on that very natural level.

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Anyone Can Do This

Matter Manipulation 101:

Matter is matter its just energy, vibrating, like we are. The same as anything is, in our energy grid here on earth. To move through a wall, we just have to change our energy pattern to be the same as the wall and then move into the wall and then out of the wall . Then change back to ourselves. Maybe I should explain it more there too.

It's sort of like the Matrix with a bit of editing: when the boy was bending a spoon: "Your spoon does not bend because it is just that, a spoon. Link yourself to the spoon. Become the spoon and bend yourself."
I enjoyed the Matrix because they were close to what's happening. They were so very close, but not quite right but just enough to get me excited about it:)

Check out my spoons!
I do use my fingers and hold them but don't use any force.. then I spin them around like butter
....and my fork.. I'm proud of my Fork.
It's not hard, anyone can learn to do it. I like it because it's a physical manifestion of working energy.
I really want to bend butter knives... mentally they are harder for me for some reason.
My friends knew this one little 4 yr old boy that used to bend Tire Irons lol what a nut:)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Lost and Found Souls

#2 Lost and Found Souls:

Chloe came into realization in the Dreamscape world, as she found herself walking around this darkened room. This was rather unusual since she associated the Star people with that brilliant white light that they use to see in our lower vibration. The floors were metallic and there was an examination table sitting in front of her. She wondered why they had left her alone in here. The instruments had been put away and it looked like everyone had finished for the night.

Everything looked so cold but when she touched the table it was very warm, the air was heavy and the thought of it made her choke a little. It was hard to see but her eyes started to adjust a little more so that she could see the rows of small cubicle containers covering the one wall. They were rectangular and almost looked like little fish tanks that you would see in a pet shop. She went over closer to the containers and saw that each container had a fetus in it. She felt a tug in her stomach for these little babies but she wasn't really upset. Just saddened as she saw that they were gently floating around in a clear fluid and they were all alive but in an embryonic stage. Their skin was grayish green, their arms and legs were long and delicate just like the aliens.

"A nursery??" "What a way to be born. Where is their mother..." she wondered as she went up to them to take a closer look.

She wanted to look into their eyes to see if they had any recognition of her. She was oddly relieved to find that the first and second baby had large black alien eyes. As she moved down the row she noted there was a human element to them, also. There heads were smaller than an aliens'. Their facial expressions had a familiarity to her and their bodies were much longer. Their little finger movements around their faces reminded her of her sons' ultrasound when he was only a few months old.

Coming to the end of the row she stopped and got a closer look at this one who had more human form. She looked into its eyes as it blinked in her direction with its crystal blue eyes, human eyes. Then she knew. Then she knew why they had let her be alone in here with all of them. They were her children. All these months of her hormonal troubles in her awake life started to make sense as they flashed into front of her awareness. A fire started to rise from her gut, her cheeks flared hot red. She wanted to break each one of them out of the containers and destroy them before their lives could go on any longer. Each one of them, little victims and she was powerless over their fates. As they sit there enclosed before her eyes, she started to sob and in her confusion, all she could ask herself is why.

She slumped onto the floor in a corner, facing the back of the room. Feeling so powerless over the situation she didn't know what to do next. After a while she grew numb and didn't care. A cool breeze of fresh air took her mind off of the situation for a moment. She looked to where the breeze was coming from and saw a door at the back of the room. Little noises beckoning her from there became louder.

"Crickets?" she mumbled to herself. "What are those little people doing to my head now" cursed.
She struggled up off of the floor but feeling very weak and her knees kept buckling beneath her. She moved toward the door peering into the adjacent room and could not believe what she saw aboard this sterile and metallic ship. The room expanded as far as her eyes could see. It was a beautiful lush green forest with a stream running through it and tall old pine trees that were all but gone now on earth. It looked just like home in its full perfection, it felt just like earth on a cool summer's night. A few feet in front of her, gurgled a little waterfall. She walked over to the waterfall and sat on a large rock that made the falls itself. She took off her shoes and socks and put her feet in the moving cool water. She leaned back and smiled at the familiar stars and full moon that graced the sky. "I honestly can't tell the difference" she thought.
"Why have they done all of this" she was having such mixed emotions but the scene was so perfect that she relaxed.
"It's for the children" the low voice was familiar. She turned back to look at the doorway and William was standing there.
"The Star people are starting to understand human emotion. It's taken them so long but they are starting to realize what these children will mean to them. They also understand now what sacrifices you and the others' have made for them. They didn't count on their experience of pain in their own emotional rebirth. They actually seem grateful", Williams voice trails off into silence. Chloe sighs and shakes her head. Deep down a sense of knowing bubbles up inside of her. This place feels very familiar and she can't shake the feeling that somewhere at sometime in spirit she has agreed to let this all happen.
Williams's voice breaks her thought. "This is for you, for the children, for the new emotional ties that have been made. It's a little show of affection. So that you may start think of our home, as yours also. We understand that much healing has to be done." Williams's voice becomes very weak. "Can you ever forgive me, Chloe? I feel so responsible for all of your pain. I could not protect you no matter how hard I tried. I had made promises that I had to keep, also."
He waited for her answer but the silence was too much for him to bear, "Chloe?"
Chloe slowly replied, "I can't hold anyone else responsible for this but myself and them. I am responsible.... aren't I? Please tell me there is a greater cause at work, here... because there is so much involved, I'm having a very hard time trying to understand. I am responsible for those little lives in there. But I feel that I cannot touch them in every sense of the word." as she stares at the doorway.

William comes closer to Chloe and sits gingerly beside her on the rock. He moves the damp hair from her eyes and puts his arm around her. His emotions of sadness and regret boil over onto her and she can feel that he is truly sincere. She feels that his touch is wrapping her in a soft warm blanket. She relaxes again and starts to cry. He holds her close and she can feel his heavy energy moving through her, flowing over her like ripples down her back. It was the first time she had felt this…
He was crying also.

Chloe was not sleeping very well these days. She kept waking up after having these dreams of trying to hold and love these long, thin gray babies. In her dreams she would try and rock them but they never seemed to fit right in her arms. They were slippery and always fell from her crashing onto the floor, no matter how tight she tried to hold onto them. She was so afraid that she'd hurt them. She would search for them on the floor they would disappear and she would wake up feeling sad and frustrated. Like there was a part of her missing and she just could not hold on to it, no matter how hard she tried.

Chloe also noticed a growing fear of other people's babies. She's always loved children but for some reason now she was becoming afraid of holding tiny babies.
After some time the fear grew into these irrational fears that she might drop and step on babies. It always had been a joy to put a blanket on the floor, baby in the middle with toys and with the adults gathered around so everyone could watch the baby play while they talked. Now this was a sight of horror! All she could think of was Get, the baby off the floor!!
Sometimes she'd break out in a sweat. She could not talk to the others.
A pleasant human, family, experience, now made horrific.

She added it up to not feeling very well and being ill. The stress of dealing with an abusive husband as he now had become was getting too much for her. It's not like they never had any good times but the bad times were starting to outweigh them. Her menstrual cycles were not regular. She was missing many of her periods they called it early menopause but the usual PMS was constant. She had been given pills to bring on her period but they gave her migraines and she could not take them. She felt down, moody and lonely. She thought that the doctors were starting to think of her as a hypochondriac they never could find anything wrong with her and sent her on her way lecturing her about the effects of stress and weight gain.
"It's getting really weird" she thought to herself.
"Here I am dreaming of babies and I really am feeling like I'm pregnant, all of the time. Buts that's impossible Jeff had a vasectomy years ago."
She also noted not to mention this to Jeff or he might have suspicions of her monogamy. "He'd love to use that one against me at any opportunity he might have."
"It's all so insane"
She would never do anything to jeopardize her marriage to Jeff. She loved him way too much for that, but why she loved him that much she was beginning to wonder.

It all came to a head one afternoon when Chloe began to have severe cramps. She hadn't had a period for many months. She started to have some bleeding and also started to pass what looked like pieces of thin torn pink tissue. She started to get scared and called her doctor but all the receptionist would say is if you are worried about it go to the hospital. Chloe at this point was so freaked out with her dreams and everything else she had been going through. She had no one to talk to about it all, that she did not want to go the hospital for fears that they'd think she was insane. She thought she'd ride it out at home whatever it was. The cramping and bleeding got worse through the afternoon. Chloe called a trusted family member who gave her reassurance and support until the cramps grew very severe that she ran to the bathroom and finally passed a tumor? It was the size of a golf ball and looked like cauliflower; it was pink and purple and had its own vein structure through it. Normally Chloe would have scooped it up and taken it to the lab but she was so upset and scared out of her mind, at what it might be at this point that she flushed it down the toilet, never to be seen again. Out of sight, out of mind, she thought. Now all my troubles will be over. Surely this was my trouble all along. A few days rest and everything will be back to normal, now. but that wish was not to be.

Current Narrative 2006:

What Chloe didn't understand at this point is that she was just remembering, having recall, of alien abduction/intervention that had been happening in her life since the age of 16. Chloe was an active participant in a repopulation program for the Grays as we call them, to genetically engineer a body, a hybrid that they will be able to incarnate into. These new grays will be a Human, Reptilian, Gray mix.
Now cumulating to the point of an ending and of success in her and Williams participation. She was remembering on her own and because of the extent of this the Star people were showing her more of their involvement. With the hope that she might relay this message back to the people of the earth.
So that others who so also have memories might understand what a wondrous, life giving, gift they have given to the many generations of the Grays of the future.
As to Williams's involvement further recall has shown that Williams forced participation was more damaging to his life than it was to Chloe's. His involvements in an Extraterrestrial movement to Guard Earth from Intruders resulted in his death.

2006 Current Narrative:

This was written in projection as the aliens have shown me the future would be getting closer to the years 2010 and 2012. These years are key years according to the aliens for our world to bring change.

This entire document was written in 1991 about experiences that started happening in 1989 long before 911. I want you to see and experience it how I saw it and the only way I could think of doing it was in this way. Now in my writing, I will let you know when I am having an actual abduction/experiencer event. The rest is my own physical life events, emotions, reactions to the events or information implanted by the Aliens.
Now in my writing I'm comfortable calling them 'the Aliens' which I found interesting upon rereading.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.